Safe At Home

The Safe at Home program is an innovative, new collaborative project between Home Care Partners and the DC Office on Aging.  According to a recent assessment, the need for help in preventing falls is a major concern of DC’s elderly population.  Safe at Home is responding to that need.   Applicants who meet income and other eligibility qualifications are visited at home by a licensed Occupational Therapist.  They review the home environment and the client’s needs and make recommendations for needed personal equipment or home modifications that will reduce the client’s risk of falling or improve accessibility.  The Safe at Home staff then arrange for contractors to make approved home modifications and purchase approved personal equipment. 

Safe at Home already has helped hundreds of seniors and adults with disabilities by installing bathroom grab bars, raised toilet seats, stairlifts inside or out and providing other accommodations that greatly improve the clients’ safety and quality of life.  For example, with equipment that they could not otherwise afford on their own, clients who have been confined to the home are now able to get in and out of their home freely using their newly installed ramps or stairlifts.