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Many older adults, perhaps even someone in your own family or a close friend, have worked hard all their lives but today find themselves unable to live independently to the fullest, simply because they cannot afford the cost of a few hours’ help around the home.  Operating as a registered 501(c)3 not-for profit for almost 60 years, Home Care Partners is one of the Washington Metropolitan Area’s few dedicated nonprofit agencies that, day-in and day-out, fills this home care gap, empowering seniors to live more independently than ever before.  Your contribution today to Home Care Partners will make a real difference in their lives right here in the DC metro area.  A monthly donation does even more to ensure continuous service for deserving seniors who would otherwise go unassisted.

You have probably heard about America’s “Age wave”: ten thousand individuals in the US — 10,000 people! — turn 65 each day!  Where will we find good people to care for those seniors as they need help?

Right here!  Home Care Partners Training Institute is meeting this challenge today by offering high quality training programs in caregiver education for direct care workers and professionals and increasing our region’s ability to meet the growing demand for in-home services for seniors living on their own. These skilled workers improve the lives of seniors living independently and actively build their own economic security, contributing to our region’s economic growth.

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