How your company can stand even taller in the Greater Washington DC Metro Area...

By becoming a Home Care Partners corporate sponsor, your company will enable us to expand our award-winning programs and reach more recipients than ever before, perhaps even some of your employees and their families. 

You will be immediately recognized by D.C. metro area government, professional, and civic leaders as a community-minded supporter of the area’s leading nonprofit home care service provider, entrusted for almost 60 years to…

  • ensure in-home help reaches families caring for an elderly loved one, and
  • share its more-than-half-century of expertise through the Home Care Partners Training Institute, which trains new direct care workers to obtain certification required in this field.

Home Care Partners’ innovative Light Care program may be benefiting your own employees right now. The Light Care Program enables corporate donors, foundations, and government agencies to maximize budget dollars by providing in-home services to aging parents of local families.  This targeted in-home assistance frees up employees like yours from the time pressure and stress of having to leave work to tend to their loved ones.  Less employee worry always translates to more productivity. 

Your contribution of $500, $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 or more means Home Care Partner programs will reach more people than ever before. And, you will be re-affirming your company’s commitment to the very community where your employees and customers live and work.

Reaching more people who will receive in-home care services with dignity! Isn’t that how you want to see it done?

A 501(c)(3) organization operating now for almost 60 years, Home Care Partners makes every penny count, doing more with less than most others.  The respect it keeps on earning is rooted in an award-winning Board and a management team and staff known throughout the Greater Washington DC metro area for developing and executing solutions that work, and meeting the highest standards for governance, regulatory compliance and financial accountability. For the full Guidestar report on Home Care Partners, click here.