Meet Arnettta Whittaker, a certified home health care aide...

Home Care Partners hires certified home health aides and in Maryland and Virginia, certified nurse assistants. We also employ social work and nurse case managers, schedulers, and administrative staff.

Ms. Arnetta Whittaker has been a home care aide since 1985. She is a native Washingtonian and attended Roosevelt High School. When her son turned five and went off to school, she decided it was time to get a job.

Arnetta came to Home Care Partners, entered a training class that was just starting and was hired after she got her certification. As it turns out, this has been her first and only job.

When asked why she became and remains a home care aide, Arnetta answered, “Because it’s my gift, I do it well, and I love what I do...”, no better testimony that she is a caring and compassionate person by nature. In fact, prior to coming to Home Care Partners, Arnetta had taken care of relatives who were sick and needed care, and she knew it was a skill that she both mastered and enjoyed.

Arnetta's talents have not gone unnoticed. She received the agency’s Miriam R. Felder Award in 2006 for Outstanding Aide, she has mentored many new aides, and in 2013 she was promoted to Stand-by Aide. Her supervisors and clients all rave about her for her willingness to work whenever needed, her skills and her kind and caring manner.

Arnetta's advice to new aides is to make sure thiswork is something that they enjoy. “A lot of people have jobs they don’t like. You don’t want that to be the case. If this is not for you, go do computers or something else.” She acknowledges that even if you love the job, there will be stressful times, but if you love your work, it will not be a burden.